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Watchdog Creative offers busy attorneys a place to be found by Pyngby users looking for a solution to their proven recorded harassment. Create your free profile and our engine will send you the types of cases you pre-select.

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Give your clients the easiest evidence collection package available with a direct connection to you! Pyngby clients collect call recordings, sms chats, call logs, and media uploaded with immediate access to you for approved contacts. We preserve all metadata to reduce your burden of proof.

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Client evidence is housed in our secure cloud, ready to use by approved parties when needed. Our cloud is Massively-scalable geo-redundant storage, stored data is replicated 3 times within a region—and an additional 3 times in another region hundreds of miles away.

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Attorney plan features.

No Monthly Fee
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  • Account profile
  • Unlimited free client relationships
  • Unlimited free Basic advertising listings
  • Optional Premium advertising listings give you higher display rankings for a selected metro area. Prices vary.
  • Client Case Management for $0 / month each (Limited Time Offer!)
  • *!Data Storage for $0 / Gb / month (Limited Time Offer!)

*No setup fees.

Adding more than 1 legal professional is an extra charge of $4.99 per month each.

You can add as many clients as you need at no cost. Each client will purchase their own Pyngby plan and can give you access to select contacts when your help is needed.