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Client Management


Add all of your clients. Clients can be either prospective or actively engaged, and multiple users of your company account can set reminders to contact specific clients on a schedule or enter calls, voicemails, letters, and meetings with clients noting follow-up due dates. Follow-ups can be re-assigned among employees or searched by status, client, or due date.

When you 'Invite a client to connect', they are sent an email to the address you provide to invite them to register their account, download the app, and begin collecting evidence. Once a client has accepted your invite, they can share evidence with you by case. The client decides which contact are in a given case, and all recorded calls and texts with that contact is automatically added to the case.

From your client detail page you can view all the evidence shared with you or comment directly in the evidence stream. You can also edit their contact details, or enter client interaction events as noted above.


If you're an attorney, counselor, or other advocate, you'll want to start adding all of your clients to begin managing their cases and keeping your records up to date. When logged in with an advocate account, open menu "Advocate Plan" at the top of the page by clicking on it. On the sub-menu pick "Clients". The page that appears will be all of your clients and any requests from new clients looking for you.

On the clients page you can add a client with the "Add Client" button at the top of your client list. This will add a form to enter the contact details for this client. Enter their first and last name, phone number and email address, or at least the pieces you have. First name is the only required field.

Take note of the "Status" input. Your options are "Invite to Connect" or the default "Prospect or Historical Client". When you stick with the default, there are no side effects. If you choose "Invite to Connect" then on save of the client, they are emailed with an invite to join Pyngby and begin collecting evidence with the app. You can only invite to connect if you enter first and last name and an email address.

When you are happy with the entered details, just press "save". If you press "cancel" then the record is discarded and not saved on your Pyngby account.

There's much more you can do with a client record once created. See the rest of the FAQ for details.


Customers of the Pyngby app collect evidence every day. When they have recorded harassing calls, they will be looking for an advocate like you. But you need to stand out from the rest during their search.

Make sure your profile includes all jurisdictions and harassment types for which you provide services. When a customer uses this site to request help, they will browse advocate profiles that match the services and jurisdiction they need help with. When they select you for a reach out, you will be notified by email for you to follow-up, and at your discretion accept them as a client.

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