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All calls and texts via the Pyngby app are recorded automatically. You can upload pictures and screenshots to a case with just a few taps. You can also communicate with an advocate you select directly in the app.

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Pyngby Key Features

The app behaves like your phone and texting app,
with your selected contacts in one place.

Easy access to recorded contacts

An overview of contacts that are recorded makes it easy to find associated communications.

Place a call

Call any phone by entering the number and dial. The dialed number will appear in your recorded contacts list.

Live Record

Record in person occasions at anytime straight to our secure cloud.

Access and play these recordings from your recordings list.

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Import contacts

Import contacts from your address book with a couple quick clicks, search for contacts to be imported easily with your default contacts app.

Contacts are added automatically when called using the Pyngby app.

Add new contacts or edit existing ones with ease.

One communications stream

All texts, phone calls, personal notes, photos and screenshots associated to a contact all appear in one timeline. Add a comment, photo, screenshot, or send a text to the contact from this list.

Or access all your calls from the recordings list.

Manage your cases

Slide back and forth between contact view and case view. A case can stand on its own or have 1 or more contacts combined for sharing with your attorney.

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