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Pyngby captures important communications

Pyngby provides you a second phone number that automatically records and stores in our secure cloud:

Selected Calls

SMS/ MMS Texts

In-person interactions

From there, you can use them for reference or share them as court-ready evidence with your attorney, counselor, or any authority who can help you resolve whatever harassment you might face.

Record any communication

Use the Pyngby app as a layer of protection to intervene in situations like harassment, bullying, intimate partner violence. You never know when you may have to say “this is being recorded, by pyngby”, or record in stealth mode if needed. Give your new second number to creditors, contractors, or even a new dating partner.

Retain in our secure cloud

We keep your original untouched recordings safe from loss or deletion in our secure, private cloud. This means the recordings you submit to court are more likely to be accepted. You can access your cloud data from the Pyngby app or website.

Resolve your communications

You are not alone with Pyngby. With the Pyngby advocacy option, you can collaborate through the app with a parent, attorney, counselor to review your specific communications—including phone recordings, texts, photos and comments—via the website.

Plans start as low as $2.55 per month.

Price is for the yearly plan for domestic calls within the USA.

Pick the best plan for you.

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