Record and share communications

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A recording app to get help

Pyngby provides you a VoIP phone number that automatically records and stores in our secure cloud:

Selected Calls

SMS/ MMS Texts

In-person interactions

Record any communication

Use the Pyngby app as a layer of protection; even record in stealth mode if needed — see terms of use.

Intimate Partner Violence

Creditors / Telemarketers

Cyber-Bullying / Bullying

New trial dating partners

Music Recordings

Retain in our secure cloud

We keep your original untouched recordings safe from loss or deletion in our secure, private cloud.

Secure & Private

Timestamped & Unmodifiable

Resolve your communications

You are not alone with Pyngby. With the Pyngby advocacy option, you can collaborate through the app with a parent, attorney, and counselor via the website.

Advocate for your clients at no cost

Attorneys, counselors, and non-profits
Give your clients the Pyngby Record, Retain, and Resolve app.

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